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Mexican TV is using Donald Trump's speech to promote the upcoming US-Mexico soccer game

Mexico's Azteca TV released a pretty hilarious ad promoting October's soccer match between Team USA and Mexico, which mashes up the Mexico-bashing speech that launched Donald Trump's campaign into the stratosphere with various soccer clips.

First the ads get the crowd fired up with Trump talking about Mexico sending rapists to the United States, and then they delve into Trump's pessimism about the current state of the United States. "We don't have victories anymore," Trump says, before eventually concluding, "The American dream is dead."

It's a kind of silly stunt, but also a signpost of how the summer of Trump is beginning to shape perceptions of the United States abroad. The fact that inside the GOP base there's been no backlash to these remarks — if anything, there's been the opposite — sends a loud and clear message to foreigners. The US-Mexico soccer rivalry has always been intense and a bit ugly, so don't take this too seriously — but it's certainly a sign of the times.

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