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Chris Sacca Wants a Permanent Twitter CEO Now!

Sacca is sick and tired of waiting for Twitter to make up its mind.

Michael Dorausch / Flickr

Add Chris Sacca to the list of Twitter investors getting restless over the company’s three-month-old CEO search.

Sacca went on a tweetstorm Friday afternoon, laying bare his disappointment with how quickly (or slowly) the company seems to be moving to get a permanent CEO in place. Sacca, who has traditionally been one of the company’s most vocal supporters, hasn’t been shy about throwing his support behind Interim CEO Jack Dorsey in the past. He hammered that home again Friday.

“Headed into yet another weekend without a permanent Twitter CEO,” he tweeted. “Enough is enough. The board needs to act. They are running a ‘process’ yet there is only one person fit to run this company: @jack.”

Reminder: While Sacca has traditionally been close to the company as an early investor, he doesn’t have a board seat and therefore no vote. Like the rest of us, he’ll simply have to wait.

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