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AMC CEO Josh Sapan: An Evening With Code/Media (Full Video)

What happens to a TV network when the very idea of a TV network is outdated?

Alex Ulreich for Re/code

What happens to TV networks in a world where the idea of a TV network is by its very nature kind of outdated?

Answer: You make a lot of good programming — AMC is the network that brought us “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” among other popular shows — and do your best to roll with the punches that are landing with increasing speed and ferocity on the TV industry as it struggles to come to grips with the new digital landscape.

That pretty much sums up the position of AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan who spoke with Peter Kafka at An Evening with Code Media at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in New York on Sept. 9.

You can watch the full video of their conversation here.

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