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Stephen Colbert Gives Waze Directions, Looks Like a Terrible Driver (Video)

Don't take driving instructions from Stephen Colbert.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube

Stephen Colbert would sound terrible if he were the voice giving you directions on Waze. The comedian also seems like a very bad driver, and you should not ride with him.

That’s the gist of his latest promotional short ahead of his Sept. 8 debut as the host of “The Late Show” on CBS. And if you want Colbert to give you directions on Waze, you can make that happen — but only until Sept. 22.

The video is mostly wordplay, excellent comedic timing and product placement for Waze, the Google-owned Israeli navigation service. Here’s fodder for conspiracy theories: Waze recently launched its own ride-hailing service in Tel Aviv. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk will be guests in the first two weeks of Colbert’s new show. Is Colbert courting high-profile investors for a new car-related venture? Is he trying to intimidate them?

Send me an email at if you have any idea about what’s going on. And if you want more Colbert #content, here’s footage of him going insane over the recent stock market scares.

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