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Apple Music Exec Ian Rogers Heads to French Luxury Giant LVMH

Goodbye, Beats. Hello, Louis Vuitton.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Beats by Dre
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Now we know where Apple music executive Ian Rogers is heading: He’s going to run digital for LVMH, the giant French luxury company.

Last week news broke that Rogers, a longtime digital music veteran who had helped Apple launch its new Apple Music subscription service, was leaving the company. But we didn’t know where he was going, beyond the fact it was supposedly in Europe.

So here are the details: Rogers will leave California and move to Paris, where he will be chief digital officer at LVMH, the holding company behind iconic luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Bulgari.

Prior to the LVMH job, Rogers has spent his entire life working in digital music: He started out helping the Beastie Boys get online, ran Yahoo Music for a while and was CEO of Beats Music before Apple acquired the company in 2014. At Apple, he helped the company retool Beats Music into Apple Music, and focused in particular on the Beats1 online radio station.

There’s no obvious connection between Rogers’s resume and his new company, which makes everything from Dom Pérignon champagne to Thomas Pink shirts. Except that Rogers is quite proudly a guy from small-town Goshen, Indiana, who likes the idea that he has been able to do cool things like fly private with Kid Rock.

Update: Sorry, turns out that’s a protected link. As a make-good, here’s exclusive footage of Rogers leaving for France.

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