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Watch: Some of Jon Stewart's biggest targets say goodbye. Sometimes with puppets.

In the midst of an elaborate goodbye from just about every correspondent in The Daily Show's history, a series of the show's political guests-slash-targets sent Jon Stewart one final kiss-off.

Some of it was fond, like Hillary Clinton lamenting that he was leaving right as she's running for president. Others were less enthusiastic, like Rahm Emanuel asking Stewart, "Who has nine and a half fingers and isn't going to miss you?" (Hint: that guy.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham took a break from debate prep to let Stewart know that he's going to be missed "... by somebody." (Graham has a surprisingly good deadpan.) Finally, Sen. John McCain dropped by to ... well, put on a one-man satirical puppet show, because hey, why not.

The name of the game was disdain, but as was clear by the time a US senator pulled out a puppet, no one in this montage was actually all that happy to see Jon Stewart leave.