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Google Puts Executive Behind 'Buy Button' in Charge of Express Delivery Service

The embattled, would-be Amazon rival gets another chief.


Google has appointed Brian Elliott, a lead on business development of its Shopping unit since 2013, as the general manager of Google Express. It marks the third recent executive shuffle for the same-day delivery service, which has struggled to gain ground on Amazon in the market bridging online and offline retail.

And it’s another indicator that Google continues to search for its footing in commerce.

That’s not for a lack of effort or resources. Last year, the company set aside $500 million for Express, as Re/code reported. Yet its creator and lead exec, Tom Fallows, departed Google in November for Uber. His boss, Sameer Samat, also left, for Jawbone, six months later.

Brian Elliott, general manager, Google Express
Brian Elliott, general manager, Google Express

In May, Google told Re/code that Victoria Ransom, who joined Google via the acquisition of social ad platform Wildfire, was replacing Fallows. Starting in July, Google shifted Elliott from Shopping to the top role at Express. Ransom continues to lead product but now reports to Elliott, who oversees business development, according to a source close to the company. He reports up to Oliver Heckmann, an engineering VP.

Google declined to comment on the changes.

The move to position one general manager over a unit — as opposed to the earlier model, pairing engineering and business chiefs — is one Google SVP Sundar Pichai is pushing across the company. Previously, Elliott led the commerce partner relationships behind Express and the “buy button” on mobile, which Google began testing last month.

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