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Which states care about Jon Stewart? Exactly the ones you'd expect.

Google News Lab has been tracking just how much people care about Jon Stewart's departure from The Daily Show, an event that has loomed large over the internet's news cycle for months:

The map shows where people are searching for Jon Stewart–related content within 200 regional television markets, revealing that the most interest comes from the West Coast and the Northeast, particularly New England.

The Deep South doesn't care about The Daily Show, and other feelings Google can confirm

A look into your own search history can reveal what's immediately important to you, and the answers can be reassuring and humbling all at once. (I, for instance, have recently prioritized Ronda Rousey, mud volcanoes, and GIFs of Nicki Minaj flipping her hair.) Other times, though, search trends are pretty much what you'd assume — like how looking to the Deep South for Jon Stewart interest might as well send a tumbleweed drifting across your screen:

Google News Labs

(Google News Labs)

Still, the map does tell us about some interesting upticks of interest in the New Mexico area, Montana, Texas, and a couple pockets of Florida. The human experience is vast and complex, and mere geography cannot contain ideology — but Stewart's fans pretty much live exactly where you and Fox News would assume they do.