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Jon Stewart apocalyptically annihilates hyperbolic headlines about The Daily Show

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had a bit of fun with the wise and beautiful people who curate his show's segments on their websites, mocking headlines that claim he eviscerates, destroys, obliterates, and crushes things.

The Daily Show/Comedy Central

"We demolished. Crushed. We annihilated things," Stewart joked. "I can remember one night even the Hulk was like, 'Dude, hey, slow down. I mean, Hulk angry, but please.'"

The satirical segment was a fitting start to the second-to-last episode of Stewart's tenure, which has supplied the media with lots of easily curatable content (and traffic). But it's also a reminder that the media is going to have to find someone else to destroy other people and things once Stewart is gone. Will Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show, be able to fill the role each night?

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