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'Million Dollar Listing' Star Roh Habibi, Snapchat and Race In Tech: This Week on the 'Re/code Decode' Podcast

Hear about the insanity of San Francisco real estate from one of its experts.

Vjeran Pavic / Re/code

San Francisco is buckling under a deluge of tech money, and residents just can’t keep up. Who better to ask about the country’s wildest real estate market than a realtor?

This week on "Re/code Decode," executive editor Kara Swisher talks with Roh Habibi, the San Francisco realtor to the tech elite and one of the stars of the Bravo reality TV show "Million Dollar Listing San Francisco." Habibi goes long on the special preferences and oh-so-delicate sensibilities of techies and raps about how sky-high housing prices affect the city.

Also on tap, Lauren Goode unpacks the intricacies of Snapchat, while special guest Aminatou Sow talks about the experience of being black in tech and the vaguely sinister ways in which San Francisco is changing.

If you like what you hear on "Re/code Decode," you can also head over to "Re/code Replay," an archive of audio content from our events and interviews by Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg, Peter Kafka, Ina Fried and more. We’ve already published about 30 episodes from past events, including all of the Code 2015 sessions, and we’ll add more over time.

Every episode for both shows will be available in two places: On our site at and on Apple iTunes (here for "Re/code Decode" and here for "Re/code Replay"). We’ll be adding more distributors soon and new episodes weekly. And you can follow @recode on Twitter for updates on upcoming guests.

If you like what we’re doing, please write a review on iTunes — and, if you don’t, just strafe Kara on Twitter. You can also suggest guests for the show there and we’ll try our level best to nab them for a Red Chair interview.

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