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Music Celebs + Puppies = VR Gold? Find Out Tonight Before the VMAs.

An "ocean of puppies"!

Original images: MTV / Jeremy Scott; Shutterstock / Adya; Shutterstock / Alexandru Nika

Who will win video of the year? What is Beyoncé wearing? Can Kanye West please not interrupt anyone this year?

All fitting questions for the Video Music Awards tonight, and ones that have been asked before. But here’s a new one: Who will ditch the paparazzi on the red carpet to play with a litter of puppies?

IM360, a joint venture of the LA digital studios Immersive Media and Digital Domain, has partnered with MTV to find out. The team will be livestreaming 360-degree video from the red carpet from a camera dangling over some adorable little canines.

“It’s a magnet for stars to come and look at the puppies, but we get to film them and, kind of like a virtual voyeur, you can look around and see those stars, and see them standing in the middle of an ocean of puppies,” IM360 technical director for VR Derek Crosby said.

The live Red Carpet video feed will be accessible through the IM360 app on iOS or Android, or on desktop browsers. Crosby said the focus is on mobile phone owners, especially those who can drop their phones into a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset, since the reachable audience with a higher-end Oculus Rift headset is much smaller.

For IM360, it’s a chance to show off its live-streaming technology, and the ability of VR content creators to see videos they’re capturing in near-real time. Digital Domain president of advertising and games Rich Flier said the studio is working with rights holders like the Chinese online sports broadcaster LeTV to offer other types of live VR-ready videos.

For MTV, this is just a hey-neato second-screen add-on to its other online “all access” videos. The red carpet stunt is MTV’s first live VR video experiment, but the channel previously filmed a performance from its show “America’s Best Dance Crew” in 360 degrees.

As for the rest of us … well, do you really need to be convinced to look at celebrities and dogs?

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