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Kevin Rose Just Lost His Co-Founder in North to Political App Brigade

Although Rose ultimately decided to shift east, Hemeon didn't want to.

Marc Hemeon,

Marc Hemeon, the former Google designer who co-founded the app incubator North, is moving on to a new project. He has left his partner, Kevin Rose, the founder of the once-popular news aggregator Digg, to join Sean Parker’s political causes app Brigade.

“I want to thank Kevin and Ben [Clymer] for an incredible experience and their support through this tough decision,” Hemeon said in a Medium blog post about the news. “I’ll continue as a shareholder, adviser and friend.”

Hemeon will be head of design at Brigade, which people use as a way to connect socially over the policies they care about. They vote which way they swing on different issues, peruse friends’ responses and create their own causes for friends to vote for.

Hemeon’s move to Brigade comes months after North ventured into watches with its website that aggregates news about timepieces — fittingly called Watchville — and then merged with existing watch fan site Hodinkee.

It was a winding road for the duo and one that ended in New York City, where Hodinkee is headquartered.

Rose ultimately decided to shift east to build out his service for watch fanatics. It was a move both physically and metaphorically divergent from his tech roots and it came as a surprise to those who saw him as Silicon Valley startup inspiration.

In the end, Hemeon didn’t want to make the same leap.

“I decided it’s best for our family to remain planted here,” Hemeon said.

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