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This massive Twitter response shows the awful discrimination in the music industry

music industry sexism

Early Tuesday morning, music journalist and Pitchfork senior editor Jessica Hopper asked for stories from "women and other marginalized folks" on inequality they might have experienced in the music or journalism industries.

The tweet neatly expresses a common yet complex form of discrimination in less than 140 characters.

Two days later, Hopper is still retweeting hundreds of stories.

Musicians told her about the countless times they were mistaken for girlfriends or "groupies," like they couldn't possibly be at a venue for any other reason.

Other journalists talked about how their editors didn't trust them or actively encouraged them to use their sexuality to make a story more salacious. They recounted interviews in which their male subjects condescended to them, doubted their qualifications, hit on them, and even assaulted them.

These tweets are worth a read, if only because they prove just how constantly working women deal with pervasive and toxic misogyny and discrimination, in every industry imaginable.

Read all of the tweets in the Storify below.