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'Re/code Decode': Erica Baker Talks About Her Grand Google Salary Transparency Experiment

Also on the show: The dangers of drones and the acceleration of car software.

Vjeran Pavic / Re/code

Growing up in Alaska, Erica Baker loved playing with computers. Her father was a mechanic in the military, and Baker was drawn to putting stuff together and taking it apart.

In 2006, when Baker went to work for Google in Atlanta, her analytical instincts made her a natural fit at a company famed for encouraging its workers to tinker and experiment. Kind of.

On this week’s episode of the "Re/code Decode" podcast, Baker, who’s now an engineer at Slack, tells Kara Swisher about one experiment of hers that Google management didn’t really love. Baker assembled a spreadsheet where Googlers could enter their salary information, and thousands of her coworkers responded enthusiastically. Baker’s bosses? Not so much.

"People were happy to discuss it, happy the information was out there," Baker said about most of her colleagues. Her bosses, on the other hand, withheld the "peer bonuses" ($150 rewards Googlers can give coworkers for cool ideas unrelated to their main jobs) she was awarded for the spreadsheet.

On the show, Baker also discussed what it’s like to be perceived as "the angry black lady" in the tech industry, the alleged "pipeline" problem ("The ‘pipeline’ is garbage") and what tech executives can do to make Silicon Valley a more inclusive space. Later on, Lauren Goode discusses drone dos and don’ts on the "Too Embarrassed to Ask" segment and Ina Fried explains the new software coming to cars and gives details about our upcoming Code/Mobile conference (for which you can register here).

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