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Jimmy Kimmel's VR Facebook Nightmare

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

Via YouTube

One of the late-night Jimmies — the Kimmel one — did a sketch about Facebook and virtual reality last night. It was funny! He’s got one job, and he did it.

Kimmel put on a headset to try an ersatz VR version of Facebook and found himself being inundated with invasive physical pokes, love-struck new dads, a goofy mom catching onto memes via her daughter, FarmVille requests and an angry uncle complaining about immigration. “I don’t like the 3-D experience,” he yelps, ripping off the headset and flinging it to the floor. (Hey! That’s an expensive piece of hardware!)

But those of us who spend all our time in contemplation of the inner workings of social networks and immersive technology’s cultural import had a few quibbles. To wit: Nobody pokes anymore, you can hide your angry uncle, and there was a distinct lack of cats.

But what do we know? We’re not the ones with a talk show. (Wait, yes we are.) Anyway, it still gave us a chuckle.

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