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This is the most common job held by immigrants in each state

Andy Kiersz at Business Insider crunched the numbers from the American Community Survey and the Minnesota Population Center to develop a map showing the most commonly held job by immigrants in every state in the union.

(Business Insider)

You see plenty of stereotypical responses here, with immigrants holding down agricultural labor jobs on the West Coast and housekeeping and construction jobs across much of the South. There are also four states in which the most commonly held immigrant occupation is college professor, and in Delaware it's software developer.

But the most socially and economically significant trend is probably the large number of states that are full of immigrant health aides, nurses, or personal care aides. Given the aging of the population, there is going to be increasing demand for these kinds of services, and our ability, as a society, to provide them to people will depend in part on the availability of immigrant workers.

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