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See Seinfeld recut as a Lifetime movie, then realize life is about nothing

Phil Edwards is a senior producer for the Vox video team.

This is what happens if you re-edit Seinfeld's seventh and eighth seasons to look like a preview for a terrible movie.

It is profound.

The resulting film, called George, centers on a heartbroken man named George Costanza, whose fiancée, Susan, dies due to a tragic envelope-licking accident. As George seeks to pick up the broken pieces of his life, he seeks encouragement from his closest friends, bonds with a young boy whom he feels a special connection with, and, finally, learns to find grace in a world that, so often, is as cruel as a batch of bad envelope glue.

This will make you love Seinfeld again and, as importantly, realize just how crazy it was that the most popular sitcom in the country spent a year mining comedy from a dead fiancée. Macabre was mainstream.

The best line in the trailer might be Jerry's, when he wisely advises George, "Her death takes place in the shadow of new life; she's not really dead if we find a way to remember her." You suddenly wonder whether Jerry was a profound philosopher — until you remember it's a quote from Wrath of Khan.

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