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Watch Twitter's Top Lawyer Vijaya Gadde Talk China, Surveillance and Free Speech (Video)

Watch a highlight reel of Gadde's recent turn on the "Re/code Decode" podcast.

Vjeran Pavic / Re/code

On the latest episode of the “Re/code Decode” podcast, Twitter general counsel Vijaya Gadde went long on censorship in China, dealing with government requests for user data and much, much more.

Gadde, the top lawyer at the social media service, runs a team of attorneys who do everything from litigating Twitter-related cases in Turkey to fending off government demands for information. Gadde said Twitter is fighting every day for users’ rights, and she pointed to the company’s court battles with the government.

In the highlight reel below, assembled by video wizard Vjeran Pavic, watch part of Gadde’s interview with Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher.

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