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An epic road trip map.
An epic road trip map.
David Rumsey Collection

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Visit every place on this vintage US map for the most epic road trip ever

There's still time for that epic road trip of your dreams — and this amazingly complex 1962 map shows exactly where you should make a stop, anywhere you're driving in the United States.

Browse a large version of the map (courtesy of the David Rumsey Collection) here, or pore over the map below (hover to zoom in).

The road trip map to end all road trip maps. (David Rumsey Collection)

This map has it all. Originally produced by General Drafting Company, it was one of many produced for oil and gas companies that either freely distributed or sold maps at their service stations.

You can start your journey at Aroostook State Park in Maine and travel south to Edison's estate in Fort Myers, Florida. Or cruise through the Midwest for a stop at the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, Kansas. When you head west, you're covered from the Palomar Observatory near San Diego to the ferries of Puget Sound. Most of the destinations on this map are still around today — they're natural wonders that a half-century can't erase.

Now all you have to do is choose where to go first.


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