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AT&T Introduces Its First Wireless Phone and TV Combo Plans

Subscribers can get high-definition video to up to four TVs and four smartphones with 10 gigabytes of shared wireless data for $200 a month.


As AT&T completed its acquisition of DirecTV, company executives said the combination would clear the way for new offers combining video, phone and high-speed Internet access.

So, let the deals begin.

AT&T introduces its first package of TV and wireless services on Aug. 10, allowing subscribers to get high-definition video programming on up to four TVs, unlimited talk and text on four smartphones, and 10 gigabytes of shared wireless data for $200 a month. That would save consumers $600 in the first year.

“Today is the first of many planned moves to enable our customers to enjoy a premium entertainment experience almost anywhere,” said Brad Bentley, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services.

Of course, cable companies have offered similar bundles of video, Internet and phone service for years, known in the industry as the “triple play.” But AT&T is looking to show what it can do, in the wake of a $48.5 billion acquisition that makes it the nation’s largest provider of pay TV services — with 26 million subscribers.

AT&T will offer an array of plans that allow consumers to subscribe to pay TV programming alone, combine their video service with a mobile phone package (and save $10 a month), or opt for an “all included” plan that sweeps in video, wireless phone and high-speed Internet access (AT&T will waive the monthly equipment fees in the first year).

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