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Pinterest Pins Down a New Home at SoMa's 505 Brannan


Photo-sharing site Pinterest has been pretty much perpetually on the hunt for more space over the past few years. The company is currently at 808 Brannan Street, and early efforts focused on other nearby sites like 333 Brannan, which went to Dropbox, and 270 Brannan, which was snagged by Splunk.

Then there was the effort to move into the San Francisco Design Center, which the building’s current design-oriented tenants fought. When Pinterest gave up on the Design Center, it announced that it would take on new space at 651 Brannan while continuing its search for more room. Now, the company has signed a lease for all of the office space at the upcoming 505 Brannan Street, a 150,000 square foot building designed by Heller Manus.

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