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Google for Work's Amit Singh and Shahla Aly Are Coming to Code/Enterprise

It's difficult to get through a work day without touching Google, and that's just how our latest pair of speakers like it.


It’s difficult to get through a work day without touching Google.

First, there’s the ever-present search engine, which makes short work of most anyone’s daily need for nearly any kind of information. Then there are the hundreds of millions of smartphones running Android and the Chrome Web browser and operating system, both of which sit between us and the Internet itself. And then there are services like Google Apps, Maps for Business and its cloud computing platform, all of which are standard tools on many a job. Google is as readily present in the workplace as it once was at home.

And that’s just fine with the latest two speakers we’re announcing today for our upcoming Code/Enterprise Series: New York event on Sept. 29.

Amit Singh is president of Google for Work, which means he’s in charge of the operations for everything I mentioned above: Google Apps and Search, the Cloud Platform, Maps for Business, plus Android and Chrome. More than five million businesses use it in some way, including numerous startups and nearly two-thirds of the companies listed on the Fortune 500. Singh joined Google — now a unit of the holding company Alphabet — after a long stint at the software giant Oracle, including nearly nine years as VP for sales. He has a master’s degree in industrial and management engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and did his undergraduate work in electrical engineering at India’s Delhi College of Engineering.


Joining him will be Shahla Aly, director of customer experience at Google for Work. Her job description is simple: “Enable an extraordinary experience” for Google for Work customers wherever and however they encounter it. She joined Google from Microsoft, where she worked for 11 years — including a brief stint as its acting chief information officer, and as VP of sales and marketing IT. Before that she spent 18 years at IBM. She has both a BS and an MBA from the University of Karachi in Pakistan.

There will be a lot to discuss. How does Google for Work fit into Google-Alphabet — and will it change in any meaningful way, given the sudden reorganization at that company in recent days? How is Google Apps standing up to Microsoft now that Microsoft has embraced the cloud as a key way to deliver its signature Office 365? On the cloud computing front, can it meaningfully compete with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure?

Singh and Aly round out what promises to be a solid evening of interviews at New York’s Steelcase WorkLife Center. On the same stage that night: David Goulden, CEO of EMC’s information infrastructure business unit; Marty Chavez, the chief information officer of investment banking giant Goldman Sachs; and Todd McKinnon, founder and CEO of the cloud identity startup Okta.

Tickets for Code/Enterprise Series: New York are still available, but they’re going fast. Our first event in San Francisco sold out and, as you can see from the coverage, it was pretty interesting, too. We do hope you’ll join us.

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