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Chris Sacca Says Jack Dorsey Could and Should Be Twitter's Next CEO on 'Re/code Decode'

The high-profile investor goes long on Twitter's C-suite drama, Google's new name and his rules for investing.

How did Twitter screw up its CEO transition? Who should be the new CEO? Can the company recover on Wall Street?

On this week’s episode of "Re/code Decode," investor Chris Sacca has answers to all these questions in an interview with Re/code executive editor Kara Swisher.

Sacca, an early and substantial investor in Twitter, wrote a lengthy and widely-shared open letter outlining changes he believed the company should make. Although he refuses to call himself an activist investor, themes from his memo clearly resonated; a few weeks later, CEO Dick Costolo ducked out and Twitter’s share price plummeted.

Sacca still has plenty left to say about Twitter, as well as other topics in tech.

On candidates to run the company: "I don’t think we have to search very far for them … I’d like to see Jack [Dorsey] continue as CEO, make that permanent." (He is also a fan of the other co-founder Evan Williams and sales leader Adam Bain, hoping the trio can work together.)

On the CEO transition: "The current situation could have been a lot cleaner … I don’t really buy the explanation that they didn’t want to leak it to the market."

On his exasperation with the company: "One of the biggest frustrations as a shareholder that has incredible talent … [Twitter] just keeps punching itself in the face after every earnings call."

Listen to the show to get Sacca’s full remarks on Twitter, the renaming of Google as Alphabet and his rules for investing. This week’s episode also features Walt Mossberg discussing the new economics of wireless service plans and Jason Del Rey discussing the advent of the "buy" button.

If you like what you hear, head over to "Re/code Replay," which is an archive of audio content from our events and other interviews like Kara Swisher’s interviews with President Barack Obama and many others by Walt Mossberg, Peter Kafka, Ina Fried and more. We’ve already published about 30 episodes from past events, including all of the Code Conference 2015 sessions, and we’ll be adding more over time.

Every episode for both shows will be available in two places: On our site, at, and on Apple iTunes (here for "Re/code Decode" and here for "Re/code Replay"). We’ll also be adding more distributors soon, as well as new episodes weekly. And you can follow @recode for updates on upcoming guests.

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