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Think of the North Koreans! Vanity Fair Article Provokes Awe-Inspiring Tinder Twitter Meltdown.

Tinder says it's actually about ethics in journalism.

Nellie Bowles

Are dating apps like Tinder changing the sexual behavior of young people for the worse? Is the millennial generation adequately prepared to form long-lasting, intimate relationships?

Who cares? Look at this insane Twitter meltdown from the official Tinder account, prompted by a mildly critical Vanity Fair story from the magazine’s September issue.

Earlier this evening, Tinder’s official Twitter account called out Nancy Jo Sales for supposedly not practicing “fair journalism” in writing her story about millennials who use Tinder. Sales’s crime? Not talking with Tinder before running her story.

This sentiment quickly caught some flak on Twitter. In response, whoever was manning the Tinder account (Know who it was? Email me!) made the bad decision to escalate things by tweeting startup platitudes and claims that Tinder advances freedom in North Korea and China. Here are some choice selections:

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