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Hey 'Serial' Lady, Shove Over: Re/code Decode Podcast Debuts With Slack CEO Interview and More!

I'll be honest, it's all been motivated largely by rank jealousy of Sarah Koenig and a since-childhood affliction of blabbiness.

Today, Re/code has debuted Re/code Decode, a weekly podcast, hosted by me and also other staffers.

I’ll be honest, it’s all been motivated largely by rank jealousy of that "Serial" lady and a since-childhood affliction of blabbiness. Also people are really liking the podcast thing these days, as well they should!

Like our Code conferences, we’ll be featuring exclusive interviews in a segment called the Red Chair, using our famous Steelcase hot-seat chairs, where we have grilled everyone from Apple’s Steve Jobs to Microsoft’s Bill Gates to President Barack Obama. There will also be a review feature of the latest gadgets, Too Embarrassed to Ask, in which our crack reviewers break down the confusion and frustration tech often brings to consumers. Finally, we have a closing segment called Enough Said, in which we pontificate until we’re weary about a controversial topic of the week.

Check out the first episode here, in which I interview Stewart Butterfield, founder and CEO of Slack, the hot enterprise communications company that has become like a religion to some (I’m talking about you, Lockhart Steele). Also, Lauren Goode answers readers’ questions about Apple Music — listen for a surprise song by me at the close of our TETA segment — and Noah Kulwin and I break down the recent moderator controversies at Reddit and interim CEO Ellen Pao’s handling of the situation.

If you like what you hear, head over to "Re/code Replay," which is an archive of audio content from our events and other interviews like my interviews with President Barack Obama and many others by Walt Mossberg, Peter Kafka, Ina Fried and more. We’ve already published about 30 episodes from past events, including all of the Code 2015 sessions, and we’ll add more over time.

Every episode for both shows will be available in two places: On our site at and on Apple iTunes (here for "Re/code Decode" and here for "Re/code Replay"). We’ll be adding more distributors soon, as well as new episodes weekly. And you can follow @recode for updates on upcoming guests.

If you like what we’re doing, please write a review on iTunes — and, if you don’t, just strafe me on Twitter @karaswisher. You can also suggest guests for the show there and I will try my level best to nab them for our Red Chair interview.

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