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Donald Trump just gave the Donald Trump-iest statement possible

Mike Pont / WireImage / Getty

Backlash against presidential candidate and self-promoter Donald Trump's inflammatory statements that "rapists" are coming to the US from Mexico has spilled over to his business interests. Univision, NBC, Sealy, and Macy's have all severed ties with Trump in some way already. And in the past few days, ESPN canceled a charity golf tournament scheduled for the Trump National Golf Club, and NASCAR announced it wouldn't hold banquets at the Trump National Doral Miami resort.

To most observers, this seems like terrible news for Donald Trump. But the man himself insisted in a defiant statement today that he's actually the real winner here — because both ESPN and NASCAR had already given him nonrefundable payments, and now he can pocket their cash and use the venues for other events:

In addition to the exclamation point and capital letters in the subject line, during Trump's bragging about the opulence of his hotel's "magnificent ballroom," and his emphasis that his golf course "overlooks the Pacific Ocean" and is "perhaps the most valuable parcel of land in all of golf," the mogul manages to coin the phrase "two fees instead of one." It's surely a fantastic slogan for a presidential campaign that's doomed to fail utterly.

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