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The easiest ways to exercise more without extra time

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A recent survey asked a group of 1,000 Americans how they'd spend an extra four hours each week if they suddenly had the time. The number one answer? Exercise.

(Food and Health Survey 2015)

The only other things that came close to working out were spending time with family and friends and relaxing/sleeping.

Clearly, a lot of people feel they're not exercising enough and wish they only had the time. But what a lot of people miss about exercise is that you don't actually need extra time. In fact, it doesn't even require a gym membership or fancy shoes. It's something you can do throughout the day, every day.

This is why I like Dr. Mike Evans's video about "making your day harder."

The Toronto physician-researcher — who has done all kinds of cool evidence-based health videos on YouTube — has a few suggestions for how to intersperse exercise throughout your day. Among other things, he recommends:

  • Scheduling walking meetings
  • Getting off a stop early on your daily commute to work
  • Walking on your lunch hour instead of going to another place to sit
  • Walking to the grocery store instead of driving
  • If you do drive, park far away
  • Take the stairs to your office instead of the elevator

I'd add: Make your social events active. Instead of a weekend brunch with friends, play basketball or take a yoga class together. Instead of a family dinner, go for a family walk.

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