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Microsoft Recycles Groove Name for Windows 10 Music Service

Xbox Music and Xbox Video are getting new names with Windows 10, but the services remain largely the same.


Microsoft announced its plan Monday to build a $10-per-month music subscription service, known as Groove, into Windows 10.

Perhaps as interesting as the service is the name Microsoft is using for it. Rather than continue with the Xbox Music name (or Zune before that), Microsoft is re-using a brand it acquired when it bought Ray Ozzie’s enterprise collaboration suite a decade ago.

Groove remains similar to both its predecessors and rivals such as Spotify and Apple Music, offering 40 million tracks for $9.95 a month or $99 per year.

“Groove describes what people feel and do with music, and is more intuitive for our Windows 10 customers on what they’ll find with the app,” Microsoft said in a blog post. The company is also renaming the video part of the service: What had been known as Xbox Video will become just Movies and TV.

The video service offers a range of video content for sale and music on both a subscription and an a la carte purchase basis.

Windows 10 is due to be finalized in the coming days and made available for upgrade and on new PCs at the end of the month.

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