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Channing Tatum is dropping out of Fox’s Gambit movie

Channing Tatum at Comic-Con in his Gambit shirt.
Channing Tatum at Comic-Con in his Gambit shirt.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  1. According to the Wrap, Channing Tatum is leaving Fox's Gambit movie.
  2. It's unclear whether Tatum will remain as a producer.
  3. Gambit is an X-Man with the power to kinetically "charge" objects, usually cards.
  4. The movie is scheduled for an October 2016 release.

A big surprise and a potential bummer for Fox

Two weeks ago, Tatum surprised fans at San Diego Comic-Con, getting everyone hyped up about Fox's Gambit movie and a future in which Gambit, the X-Men, and Fantastic Four — Fox's superhero properties — could cross over.

Today, that future seems to be crumbling.

Tatum is said to be exiting the project and leaving Fox without a leading man. The Wrap reported:

It is unclear whether Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin plan to remain involved in a producing capacity, or whether Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner will move forward on their own.

This would, no doubt, be a disappointment for Fox. Tatum has momentum right now, and fans were genuinely excited for Fox's projects at Comic-Con. Tatum was even joking around on stage and posing for photos.

The departure may have something to do with Tatum wanting something bigger for himself and the character. There are hints that he would eventually want to direct. According to the Wrap:

"Gambit" has long been a passion project for Tatum, whose attachment encouraged 20th Century Fox to ramp up production. However, Tatum also has larger ambitions, which may play a role in the current situation.