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Security Startup Tanium Enters Partnership With PwC

The global consulting firm has been working with the startup's software for two years.

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Security and systems management startup Tanium said today that it has inked a strategic partnership with the consulting firm PwC that will combine their capabilities in helping companies secure their systems from cyber attacks and investigate attacks that have already happened.

PwC says it will combine its business of gathering intelligence on emerging cyber threats with Tanium’s ability to easily manage computers and other devices on huge corporate networks. The companies have been working together for two years and today’s deal formalizes that arrangement.

Tanium’s software is intended to make management of large-scale corporate IT environments easy by quickly scanning and mapping out every device on a network. PwC, the $34 billion consulting and advisory firm, offers security services as part of its broader business of helping companies manage their IT environments.

The tie-up marks a second branching out into the business of computer security for Tanium, a closely watched startup that has raised $142 million in investments from only one outside venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz. At the time of that investment, Tanium was valued at $1.75 billion.

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