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Razer Hopes Ouya Acquistion Will Fuel an Android-Powered Revolution

Last month, popular gaming peripheral and gadget company Razer quietly scooped up a significant portion of Ouya, the company behind the Kickstarted $99 Android console. Today, Razer is explaining why and what that means to both its fans and Ouya owners.

Razer’s June 12 purchase only included the content catalog, software assets, online store and name of Ouya; it didn’t include the now-dated console or poorly received controller.

Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan tells Polygon that the purchase was fueled by Razer’s long-term plans for Android TV and its own Android-based console, Forge TV. The purchase floods Razer’s device with about 1,500 games optimized for Android TV, but also allows Razer to introduce those games to other Android TV platforms, specifically those in China’s lucrative, yet mostly untapped Android marketplace.

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