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BuzzFeed, iHeartRadio Join Snapchat's List of Publishers

Yahoo and Warner Music are out.

Asa Mathat for Re/code

It’s official: BuzzFeed is now publishing on Snapchat.

BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio were added to Snapchat’s list of Discover partners on Monday, replacing existing publishers Yahoo and Warner Music. Re/code reported last week that BuzzFeed had been tapped to join the list of Discover publishers.


It’s a sign that Snapchat is indeed bringing on publishers that aren’t just looking for a young audience (e.g. Yahoo) but already reach one (e.g. BuzzFeed). It moved the Discover content to a second page within the app earlier this month to help make it more prominent, and bringing on BuzzFeed should also help improve traffic. Discover serves as a revenue stream for Snapchat, so adding a publisher with 200 million unique readers every month is a pretty logical choice.

Look for Snapchat to add a second group of new publishers later this summer, including (Vox Media, publisher of, also owns Re/code.)

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