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Going for a Ride on Uni-Cub, Honda's Take on the Segway (Video)

In addition to showing off a new Accord with Android Auto and Car/Play, Honda opened the doors to some other research projects cooking at its Silicon Valley lab.

Ina Fried for Re/code

In addition to showing off its CarPlay-equipped 2016 Accord, Honda this week gave reporters a peek at some of the other research projects it is working on at its research facility in Mountain View, Calif.

Among the projects was Dream Drive, which uses Oculus Rift to allow the passengers in a car to see a completely different ride than the boring commute they might be actually enduring. While dad drives to work, the kids could be flying through space or driving around a race track, all with motion cues guided by the direction the car was moving.

And, of course there were robots. Asimo was there, but placed somewhat standoffishly behind a rope line. However, reporters were allowed to play around with Uni-Cub, something of a slower but easier-to-use Segway designed for automated transportation in close quarters.

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