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Here’s Donald Trump’s financial disclosure form — it is very long

Donald Trump — the Republican field's current frontrunner — has released his financial statements to the Federal Election Commission. The report, which is more than 90 pages, details Trump's deals, assets, bank accounts, and creditors. It lists 23 assets that Trump says are worth over $50,000,000 (many of which are real estate, nine of which are golf clubs or courses, and one of which is The Trump Corporation):

But the report doesn't shed a ton of light on Trump's true net worth, which his campaign claims is "in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS," despite doubts from some commentators. That's because the highest asset category on the form is for assets worth more than $50 million each, and exact values above that threshold aren't disclosed. So these 23 assets could each be worth close to $50 million, or some of them could be worth much more — we don't know. If we just looks at the minimum values for all of his assets, they're worth above $1.3 billion together, though.

You can read through the full disclosure form here:

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