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Re/code on Air: New iPod Touch, Jeb Bush's Uber Ride and More

Google earnings, the new Microsoft Word for Mac, Uber's $7.3 million California fine and U.S. wireless networks.

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There was lots of news across the board this week — plus second-quarter 2015 earnings season — and Re/code reporters hit the airwaves to discuss it all. Here’s a roundup of our recent TV and radio appearances:

Kara Swisher got in the action on “Squawk Alley” after Google’s earnings, going on the CNBC show to explain why Google’s new CFO is a hit with public market investors. She also talked about whether Democrats or Republicans are more likely to receive tech’s backing in light of Jeb Bush’s Uber ride and Hillary Clinton’s worker classification remarks.

Walt Mossberg also made a CNBC “Squawk Alley” appearance, talking about the new Microsoft Word for Mac product in a review segment.

Re/code’s Apple reporter Dawn Chmielewski stopped by CNBC to talk about soaring iPhone profits and how it compares to the rest of the phone market.

Then a little later in the week she surfaced on USA Today’s “TalkingTech” podcast to chat about online trolls — in the wake of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao stepping down — and the new iPod touch.

I made an appearance on NPR’s LA KPCC affiliate’s “AirTalk” show to chat about the $7.3 million fine that California regulators hit Uber with for not sharing data about accessibility and trip accidents (no embed available).

And Ina Fried went on NPR’s “Here and Now” to talk about how U.S. wireless networks stack up against the rest of the world.

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