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The New Yorker's Donald Trump cover is the perfect metaphor for his campaign

Everything about the New Yorker's Donald Trump cover, by Barry Blitt, is perfect:

Barry Blitt / New Yorker

The cover shows that Donald Trump's presidential campaign is making a big splash in the Republican primaries, but also that Trump is making this splash by inflicting a bit of pain on himself — just like a belly flop would.

After Trump received a lot of negative media attention for comments in which he called Mexican immigrants "rapists," many businesses cut ties with him, including Univision, NBC Universal, and Macy's.

But these losses haven't stopped Trump from having a big impact in the Republican race. The RealClearPolitics average of polls show Trump barely trailing Jeb Bush — long expected to be the clear frontrunner — after a few polls put Trump in first place. Almost no one could have predicted this months ago.

The New Yorker cover gets at both of these conflicts. It's really a fine piece of art.

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