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Oculus Signs Deal to Build Out Its VR Movie Library

Oculus might have put a heavy focus on games for the consumer Rift headset, but it’s also trying to shore up other parts of its catalog before the launch. The company has signed a deal with Felix & Paul Studios — one of the most prominent names in virtual reality film — to produce an unspecified number of experiences. (We could probably just call them “films,” but the lines between different kinds of interactive content remain a little blurry.)

We don’t know exactly what projects will come out of the deal, but co-founder Felix Lajeunesse says that “each project born out of our partnership with Oculus will be an occasion to explore VR’s unprecedented potential to immerse viewers in human-driven experiences in the fields of fiction and non-fiction storytelling as well as music and the performing arts.” These will be distributed to both the high-end Oculus Rift and the more modest Gear VR, a mobile headset powered by Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

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