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Apple Tunes Up Its iPod Line, Adds a Splash of Color, New Features for Touch

All new iPod models will be available in five colors.


Who says the iPod is dead? Okay, well, maybe the classic MP3 player is dust, but Apple updated the rest of the iPod lineup today — adding a splash of color to the iPod nano and shuffle and some significant upgrades to the iPod touch.

The iPod touch will boast a speedier A8 processor for improved graphics performance when playing games and a motion co-processor to track fitness activities. It sports a new eight-megapixel camera for photos and an improved FaceTime HD camera for better selfies. The iPod touch also provides access to the new Apple Music service, which features Apple’s Beats 1 livestreamed radio station.

The new iPod touch starts at $199 for the 16 gigabyte model and ranges up to $399 for a 128GB version, which is available for the first time. All the iPods are available in five colors: space gray, silver, gold, pink and blue.

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