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The Uber for Onesies Is Here, but Is It Worth $20 Billion? (Video)

Are PJs on demand a real business?

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Everyone in Silicon Valley knows onesies are the fashion craze among techies, but after on-demand delivery service Ubsie recently raised $500 million, the wider world started to take notice as well.*

An independent documentary crew from Ohio just produced the following video, which explores the fashion phenomenon and raises questions about its ultimate sustainability.

The filmmakers interviewed Re/code’s own Kara Swisher as well as local investors Shervin Pishevar of SherpaVentures and Halle Tecco of Rock Health. They were among the lead investors in Ubsie’s Series A round, which reportedly valued the so-called Uber for onesies at a whopping $20 billion.

The documentary team also obtained the startup’s inaugural commercial, set to hit airwaves soon:

* Not really, though. This is satire. But man, it’ll be funny if some site reposts this as news.

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