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Re/code on TV: Mossberg on Amazon Echo, Swisher on Apple and China

Also, layoffs at Microsoft and rumors about a Facebook music video service.

Another week full of tech news meant that Re/code’s busy writers got even busier chatting on TV and radio about all of it.

Kara Swisher appeared on CNBC to talk about how the the stock market crash in China is hurting Apple and to introduce our new podcast, “Re/code Decode.”

Walt Mossberg discussed his review of the Amazon Echo on CNBC.

Also on CNBC, Kurt Wagner talked about reports that Facebook might launch a music video service and also about its plans to start sharing ad revenue with video creators.

On radio, Ina Fried was on the BBC World Service’s NewsHour to discuss the layoffs in Microsoft’s phone unit. (Her segment begins a little after the 26-minute mark.)

And on Friday Noah Kulwin discussed the departure of Ellen Pao as the CEO of Reddit on the BBC’s Business Matters. (His segment begins a little after the 42-minute mark.)

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