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Millions of Greek voters are being asked to vote on these poorly formatted documents

A man in Athens ponders Greece's future.
A man in Athens ponders Greece's future.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

On Sunday, the people of Greece will be asked to vote on one of the strangest and most confusing questions in the history of referendums.

The question is in Greek, but it's been translated as:

The "two parts" are documents that have been posted in PDF format on the official referendum website — here and here. They were written in English, the de facto language of the eurozone. And the official copies of these documents are low-quality scans of what looks like a high school term paper. Here are some actual screenshots:

To be fair, most Greek voters will look at the Greek-language version of the website, which has a nicely formatted Greek translation of the documents. Still, lots of non-Greeks are paying attention to the referendum and most of them are going to look at the English versions.

Throwing up these messy, hastily copied documents creates an air of desperation, which is probably not the best image for the Greek government to be projecting right now.