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Hulk Hogan Trial Judge Says Press Can Stay in Court, but Still Can't See the Sex Tape (But They'll Hear It)

Can you hear what the Hulk is cookin'?


What’s a sex tape with no images? The press will find out.

A Florida judge ruled the press should be allowed to stay in the courtroom during Hulk Hogan’s entire trial in his $100 million invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker Media.

A coalition of media organizations, including First Look, CNN, AP and Vox Media (which owns Re/code), filed a motion yesterday asking the court to deny Hogan’s move to keep the public and the press out of the courtroom during particular exhibits of evidence — basically, the sex tape at the center of the suit.

But there’s an unusual stipulation. The judge agreed with a last-minute argument from Hogan’s lawyers that the sex tape should only be played in front of the jury with the TV monitor facing them and away from the gallery, meaning the press won’t see it, though they’ll at least hear it.

Attorneys for the media organizations are considering whether to appeal that part of the ruling, according to sources familiar with the matter.

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