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'Steve Jobs' New Movie Trailer Depicts the Nasty Side of Apple's Original Genius

The biopic reaches theaters on Oct. 9.


Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the forthcoming biopic “Steve Jobs,” and we’re not expecting applause from Cupertino.

The nearly three-minute extended promotional reel depicts Jobs as a demanding megalomaniac who steals the glory from his Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak; amasses millions in wealth while his daughter Lisa and her mother scrape by on welfare; and gets booted from the company he led — then mounts a triumphal return.

Consider this imagined exchange between Wozniak (played by Seth Rogen) and Jobs (played by Michael Fassbender), as penned by writer Aaron Sorkin:

“What do you do? You’re not an engineer. You’re not a designer. You can’t put a hammer to a nail. I built the circuit board. The graphical interface was stolen. So how come, 10 times in a day, I read Steve Jobs is a genius? What do you do?”

“Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.”

This movie, due out on Oct. 9, could hardly be considered a hagiography. Of course, the same could be said of “The Social Network,” also written by Sorkin, which made similar mincemeat out of Mark Zuckerberg in 2010.

Check out the video for yourself.

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