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Apple Music Will Allow Downloads for Offline Listening

The move doesn't help Apple stand out from rivals, but means that it won't be missing a key ingredient of other services.

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Apple’s forthcoming subscription music service will indeed allow for offline playback of songs or videos, keeping the service on par with rivals such as Spotify.

That was a key question left unanswered during either Monday’s keynote presentation or the accompanying press release, but Apple confirmed the option to download content for offline use.

“As an Apple Music member you can add anything from the Apple Music library — a song, an album or a video — to your collection,” Apple said in a statement to Re/code. “And that’s just the warm-up act. From there you can create the perfect playlist from anything you’ve added. You can save it for offline listening and take it on the road.”

It’s a common feature for the $10-per-month music subscription services, but the lack of offline support could have hurt Apple’s effort to stand out from the pack.

The other big move Apple made was to maintain the support Beats Music had for non-Apple devices. Out of the gate, Apple will support Windows PCs in addition to Macs and iOS devices, with Android support due in the fall.

Apple Music is due to launch June 30, with a free 3-month trial before credit cards start getting charged.

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