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The unbelievable true story of the Entourage poster that would not die

India Castle in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will never be free of these smiling faces.
India Castle in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will never be free of these smiling faces.
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Emily St. James was a senior correspondent for Vox, covering American identities. Before she joined Vox in 2014, she was the first TV editor of the A.V. Club.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is an Entourage poster that will not die.

So reports in what might be the greatest article you will read today. Behind the host stand at India Castle, a local restaurant, is a poster for the TV show, promoting its brief run in syndication on local station TV38. It has been in place for years, drastically out of step with the restaurant's decor.

Entourage ended its HBO run in 2011 — but it also ended its short, one-season syndication run that year, after HBO pulled the show from local stations for underperforming. That means the poster was likely put in place in 2010 — and is now advertising a show that hasn't aired in four years.

And nobody knows how to get rid of it. Vincent Chase and his bros will watch over India Castle always.

Rabhbir Singh, India Castle's owner, spins a tale of increasing woe, one where he was told about a possible promotional deal by a supposed TV38 representative — only to be left with no cash and an Entourage poster he couldn't take down.

Writes's Allison Pohle:

Singh said the poster has been locked in the frame, which is bolted to the wall, for years. He said a representative from a local TV station made him a deal — let us come change the poster in the box every two weeks, and we’ll pay you. Singh said he can’t remember how much he was supposed to be paid because the representative put the Entourage poster in and never came back.

Pohle's article also contains this moment of beautiful tragedy:

Singh doesn’t have the key.

"The box used to light up and it doesn’t anymore, but I can’t get it out," he said. "I guess it’s stuck."

By all means, see the Entourage movie, but when you do, take a moment to think of a restaurant in Cambridge that will never be free of Vincent's terrible gaze.

Read the article to see the poster in question.

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