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A stunning tour of the world via Google Maps Street View

Lauren Katz is a project manager at Vox, focusing on newsroom-wide editorial initiatives as well as podcast engagement strategy.

In case your next vacation is too far away for your own peace of mind, the Tumblr Oessa's gorgeous Street View images can help you feel like you're on a getaway. Here's a stunning tour of the seven continents on the blog, which was featured as a reader's choice in Time Magazine's 30 Tumblrs to follow in 2013:

North America

Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West, FL 24°37'41.5"N 82°52'28.6"W

Saturna Island, British Columbia, Canada 48°47'05.0"N, 123°02'42.0"W

Monterey, California 36°22'19.60", -121°54'8.21"

South America

Puente Gral Carrera XI Región, Chile -46°50'45.39", -72°48'9.86"

Galapagos Islands, -0°46'43.10", -89°31'10.44"

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil -12°55'52.35", -38°19'18.61"


Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa -34°19'23.08", 18°27'48.83"

Tsodilo Hills, Botswana -18°46'4.90", 21°44'8.75"


Paris, France 48°51'30.07", 2°17'39.72"

Fredvang, Norway 68°5'4.55", 13°11'17.03"

Bellinzona, Switzerland 46°11'36.21", 9°1'21.51"


Seongsan Park, South Korea 33.461503, 126.939297

Hotaka Mountains, Japan 36.294195, 137.662033

Varanasi, India 25.307614, 83.010855


Great Barrier Reef -18.246795, 147.386806

Wilson Island -23°18'12.91", 151°54'53.84"

Mount Gunson -31.536145, 137.126962


Cape Royds -77.554514, 166.162701

Black Island -77.528165, 161.753769

Petermann Island -65.172467, -64.136907

If you want to see more amazing images, Google Maps Street View offers collections of landmarks and natural wonders from around the world. These are a few of the categories available to explore:

Feeling adventurous? MapCrunch is a website that will take you to a random Google Map Street View with the click of a button.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the location of the first photo under North America. It is of Key West, Florida.


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