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Watch: Stephen Colbert completely obliterates his beard in the name of the Late Show

Stephen Colbert has a found a way to entertain us as he prepares for his Late Show debut on September 8. After signing off from The Colbert Report in December, the late-night host grew a beard, a "Colbeard" that he allegedly found on the side of the road, and has decided to shave it off to appease the CBS television executives who now employ him.

Watching a man shave off his facial hair probably doesn't rank among many people's top 10 life pleasures. But the world is a weird place, and Stephen Colbert is trying out weird facial hair styles worn by Wolverine and the Amish. He also experiments with a monstrosity called "the not-Hitler." Come for Colbert looking creepy, stay for the strange Green Day cover and montage.

The question this promo leaves us with is: will Colbert maintain such an intimate, bizarre approach to late-night comedy once he officially takes over the Late Show this fall? Or is he merely trying to woo his internet-savvy fans to follow him to his new digs?