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The official guide to dancing in North Korea, in 7 GIFs

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If you want to dance with a large group of people in North Korea, here is how you should do it, courtesy of North Korean tour company Koryo Tours (h/t BuzzFeed).

Suggested listening:

Start off with a skip march to let the world know you have a lot of weapons and you're not afraid to use them: 

The declarative twirl that implies you might have nuclear weapons capability:

A friendly hop-and-slide to ignore the media's common use of stereotypes:

The lead-then-twirl to remind everyone about your private internet:

A kick-step that declares "I care about my personal appearance":

A group huddle to put out mysterious fires across the country:

End the night with a march-stop-hop-twirl to leave us wondering how North Korea got this way:

Watch the full video here: