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Why Walmart made an ISIS battle flag cake, explained

Hate is hypocritical: just ask the man who bought an ISIS battle flag cake from a Walmart in Louisiana. His request was prompted by the store's refusal to make a cake displaying the Confederate flag, a symbol of white supremacy and the subject of national criticism after a white supremacist, Dylann Roof, killed nine people inside Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

On a video, Chuck Netzhammer proclaimed: "That's an ISIS battle flag cake that anybody can go buy at Walmart, but you can't buy a confederate flag toy, say, on a Dukes of Hazzard car." (Note: you can't buy an ISIS toy at Walmart; ISIS makes itself cakes.)

"Walmart, you've got some explaining to do. I went to go buy a printed cake from ya'll the other day, with [image of Confederate flag] and you wouldn't do it," he said.

He continued, "I went back yesterday and managed to get an ISIS battle flag, happens to be somebody we're fighting against right now, who are killing our men and boys overseas and killing Christians." No need to watch the video to find out his thoughts on hate crimes in the US: The stunt was devoid of any acknowledgment of the mass shooting in Charleston.

Chuck Netzhammer

"Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating Southern Americans with this trash that you allow to be sold in your store?" He asked, noting that "at the same point, Confederate flag memorabilia is not allowed."

So why did Walmart make the cake, anyway? You can probably guess: the Walmart employee didn't know what the design was. Walmart apologized shortly after:

"An associate in a local store did not know what the design meant and made a mistake. The cake should not have been made and we apologize."