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Kara Interviews the Boys -- And It Is All Boys -- Of 'Entourage' (Video)

Hug it out, geek.

Last night, Code Advisors and Re/code hosted a San Francisco special preview screening of the new film “Entourage” for a geek crowd.

Based on the long-running HBO series, the Warner Bros. movie is about a bunch of Hollywood bro-dudes who make stuff and spend money doing it. Kind of like Silicon Valley bro-dudes, but a lot more glamorous, sexy and with better cars (no Teslas for this gang).

After the screening, I interviewed director Doug Ellin, along with stars Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly. Not quite my usual forte — these are not people entranced with Snapchat’s latest feature — but enjoy:

And here is the trailer for the movie, too:

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